Wrapping Fee Structure

The wpUSDT network employs a wrapping fee that is strategically reinvested into the community and its supporting infrastructure.

This fee is integral to the ecosystem, ensuring that participants who contribute to the network's security and functionality are rewarded. Here's how the fee is distributed and utilized:

Fee Allocation:

  • Validator Nodes: A portion of the wrapping fee is allocated to Validator Nodes. These nodes play a crucial role in hosting validators to secure the wrapping process, ensuring transactions are processed efficiently and securely.

  • JULD Stakers: Another segment of the fee benefits JULD stakers, rewarding them for their commitment to the network by staking their tokens.

  • Liquidity Provision: Lastly, a part of the fee is used to enhance the liquidity of JULD on-chain. This ensures a stable and fluid market for JULD, facilitating easier transactions and exchanges for users.

Fee Rate:

  • The wrapping fee is set at 0.3%, which aligns with the average market rate for swap fees. This rate is competitively priced, especially when compared to the fees associated with other privacy-enhancing features available in the market.

Additional Resources:

For a detailed understanding of how the wrapping fee is utilized within our ecosystem, a flow chart is provided below. Additionally, for more information about the JULD token and its role within the JulSwap platform, please refer to the official documentation available at JulSwap Documentation.

This fee structure not only supports the operational and security needs of the wpUSDT network but also contributes to the overall health and liquidity of the JULD market, creating a symbiotic relationship between wpUSDT users, validators, and JULD stakeholders.

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