Leveraging the esteemed privacy protocols of RandomX, wpUSDT guarantees that the processes of wrapping and unwrapping transactions are conducted with transparency, ensuring public privacy.

Traceability, Transparency, and Robust Security

At the heart of wpUSDT's innovation lies a delicate balance between the privacy rights of our users and the imperative of regulatory compliance. We've crafted a system that not only respects the sanctity of private transactions but also maintains the transparency required for trust and security.

Deposit and Withdrawal Traceability

  • Deposit Traceability: Every deposit is meticulously recorded, with the source and destination wallets clearly identified. This provides a transparent ledger of entry points.

  • Withdrawal Traceability: Transparency continues through to the unwrapping process. Each transaction meticulously logs the initiating wallet and the Ethereum recipient, keeping the exit points as clear as the entries.

Security Features with Oversight Authority

Ensuring Public Privacy: We consider the privacy of public transactions as our top priority. It's imperative to emphasise that no external entities can trace these transactions; they remain completely secure from prying eyes. Internally, we do have the capability to trace transactions, thanks to a restricted-access super node. This resource is exclusively reserved to fulfil law enforcement requests when mandated by legal authorities. Our commitment to privacy is unwavering, and it's the driving force behind the development of wpUSDT.

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